Laura. Germany. Loves to fangirl over too many TV shows. Mostly NCIS: LA, Grey's Anatomy, Rookie Blue, Friends, Agents of shield and New Girl.

Deeks and Kensi are stupid people! I love them.
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I got tagged my zerotolove. Thank you. Great questions by the way :)

1. What was your favourite season finale from the past year?NCIS: LA Finale. Hello Densi Kiss anyone?

2. What was your favourite childhood television show? Oh that’s a tough one. Pippi Langstrumpf(Longstocking in english) I guess.
3. What was the last movie you saw, and would you recommend it? The Hunger Games Mockingjay. I loved the books and the films are very good as well.
4. What new television show are you most looking forward to? I don’t plan on starting new shows. I’m busy dealing with the ones that are already destroying my life :D
5. What was the last dream you remember? I have no idea but it must have been something weird.
6. What is one thing you would recommend a tourist to do/go to in your town/city? There are many nice places in Düsseldorf. I recommend the Rheintum. You are about 260 feet high and you have a nice view over Düsseldorf.
7. What’s your most recent Google search? Eric Christian Olsen I guess :D
8. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? The last 6 months of my job education. I had to study so much cause our finals are one of the hardest you can do in Germany. So relieved it’s done!
9. You have received a free plane ticket. Where would you go? The U.S.
10. What is (or was) the weather like today where you are?cloudy, windy and cold as fuck.
11. What are you looking forward to in the next week? I’m going to a concert and the soccer season starts next weekend in Germany :) And maybe teilzeitkreativ is coming for a visit. If not next week then in the near future.

I’m not tagging anyone :)

You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your iPod, MP3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!

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  1. David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun
  2. The Cinematic Orchestra - To build a home
  3. Lily Wood & The Prick - Prayer in C
  4. Philipp Poisel - Ich will nur
  5. Ed Sheeran - Don’t
  6. Teddy Geiger - Ordinary Man
  7. Bastille - Flaws
  8. John Legend - All of Me
  9. Sam Smith - Stay with me
  10. The Fray - Never say Never

I’m not tagging anyone but I would love to see some of my followers do this thing :)