martewinter said: Your exchange with hermionesmydawg always makes me chuckle or smile and it’s just one of the best things here on tumblr ;)

Aww, that’s really sweet of you to say. You heard that Hermionesmydawg? We are the cutest! I love you my little Asshead!


hermionesmydawg said: I take back every time I’ve said I would fly to Germany and kick your ass. I scared now. ;)

ha! That’s all I wanted. No, as long as you let me decide what to watch you don’t have to worry. On the other hand, if I let you choose we will watch Deeks’ ass all day so I don’t see any problem there :D

martewinter asked: Have you ever hit somebody? Don't ask me why I'm asking I'm just weird xD

haha, no you are not weird :D

I punched my brother pretty badly when we were kids. He wanted to have the remote control. I didn’t agree. He landed in the hospital. Seems like my obsession started back then :D

But besides that I never hit anybody except for fun.


Nervous Densi

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Anonymous asked: Are you in love with somone?

You mean besides Marty Deeks? :D

Ok, I said I’ll be honest. No, I don’t think I’m in love with someone. There is someone who I’m definitely interested in but I don’t think he likes me very much so I’m not putting much hope in that.


Honesty Hour, Ask me anything! Nothing will go unanswered


Honesty Hour, Ask me anything! Nothing will go unanswered

make me choose sam and andy or meredith and derek


-Whatever happened between him and Olivia has nothing to do with us.
-Right. Get’s to close to her on the job, things turn personal when they should stay professional, and he gets burned.
-He gets burned. We didn’t.
-Not yet.

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Laura. Germany. I love NCIS:LA, Grey's Anatomy, Rookie Blue, New Girl, Friends and some(too many) other shows.

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